Essential Elements Every Business’s Website Should Contain

Creating a website that draws traffic and helps with conversions should start with these eleven pages. Broadly speaking, your business’s website should tell visitors two things: what they need to know to make an intelligent decision about buying your products and what you want to tell them. A website can have a virtually limitless number […]

8 Common Website Mistakes

One of the advantages of working for an agency is the volume of websites we get to evaluate. The majority of clients who sign up for ongoing SEO and/or content services will receive a content audit. Similar to a technical SEO audit, the results of the content audit should drive the strategies and priorities of […]

Secrets for Impactful Web Design

Using psychology in web design can give a site a substantial competitive advantage and help increase its user engagements. In brief, psychology in web design is about using research-based predictions in human behavior to guide users to a particular element or piece of content. Use the following seven guidelines to strengthen a website’s design and […]

Your Google Rank Doesn’t Matter Anymore

For a long time, keyword rankings were a staple part of any SEO campaign. In a lot of cases they were a primary metric used to judge performance. Go back five or six years and we had so much more information on the keywords that users were searching for to reach our web content. All […]

Website Speed & SEO Routine

Monitoring webpage performance is key to avoiding setbacks when algorithms change. Contributor Bobby Lyons points out ways to adapt everyday SEO activities so a website will thrive regardless of algorithm updates. Success in search engine optimization (SEO) requires not only an understanding of where Google’s algorithm is today but an insight to where Google is […]

HTTPS: Traditional vs Encrypted vs Cloudflare

After months of talk and speculation, Google has finally started to move forward with its plan to secure the web by enforcing HTTPS. Although HTTPS had previously only been a concern for e-commerce sites or sites with login functionality, this latest update affects significantly more sites. The vast majority of websites have a contact page […]

SEO 101: URL's in Google Search Console

Google Search Console serves as an excellent (not to mention free) source of technical data about your website’s organic visibility and performance. To maximize its usefulness, it’s important to properly set up your website in Search Console by adding all versions of your domain as properties that you manage. Let’s assume the domain name of the […]

Two-factor Authentication is a Mess

It was supposed to be a one-stop security fix. What happened?   For years, two-factor authentication has been the most important advice in personal cybersecurity — one that consumer tech companies were surprisingly slow to recognize. The movement seemed to coalesce in 2012, after journalist Mat Honan saw hackers compromise his Twitter, Amazon, and iCloud […]

Will Website Builders Take Over?

Your website is quite possibly the most important marketing tool that your design business will ever have.Your website is quite possibly the most important marketing tool that your design business will ever have. Through your site, your customers can purchase your creations, get in touch with you (whether to give you a phone call or […]

5 must-do technical SEO audit items in 2017

In recent months, we’ve seen many important technically focused Google announcements, such as an update on JavaScript crawling support, the migration toward mobile-first indexing, the release and extended support of AMP in search results and the expansion of search results features, from rich snippets to cards to answers.As a result, a number of technical items […]