How can brands make the most of the emerging social media platform TikTok? Who is already taking advantage of the sizeable captive market the application already has?

Keep reading, and we can answer some of these questions and tell you how to emulate the success of other ambitious companies. You’ve probably already seen the opportunity that TikTok presents – you’ve probably already seen the multitude of videos posted on different platforms with the TikTok watermark. Something important to note, it’s a sort of advertising we haven’t seen utilized by other platforms yet, branding the videos on the platform as part of their platform even though they are not the producer of the videos, only their host. That choice by the Beijing owned company has presented a unique growth opportunity for them, even those who don’t count themselves among the TikTok user base have already experienced what the platform has to offer.

By watching a video someone posted on TikTok, they have, in effect, experienced TikTok themselves. The approach has probably helped the platform snowball into the meteoric social media giant that it has recently become. The primary content of TikTok is focused on one thing: unfiltered entertainment. As a brand owner or brand ambassador, though, you might see something else – a unique opportunity to reach the elusive Gen Z. If you get in now, you can be on the ground floor and use that opportunity to authentically tap into the ‘it-crowd,’ so long as you can adapt your message to the fun and informal tone, which seems ubiquitous on the platform.

Being a bit limited by my time and writing skills, we should jump straight to the critical subject matter of this article: how can you leverage TikTok’s success into your own? The platform, though having started in China, has now taken off in the US and is being downloaded and used at an incredible rate – and it is showing no signs of slowing that hyperbolic growth. The first thing you need to make sure of is that you actually belong on the platform. The userbase is very sensitive to what they perceive to be inauthentic content… so… Be yourself.. That is, unless that yourself is tedious and stodgy and can be seen as fake from afar. Brands are sabotaging themselves with their presence on TikTok, having been embarrassed for trying to be like “one of the kids” when they weren’t. If you do perceive your brand as having its finger on the pulse and can fit with this marketing strategy, the biggest advice we can give you is to make content that is short, humorous, has low production value, but is high quality. If you can sell your authenticity to this group, the ad going viral might mean an incredible quarter.