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People-based marketing requires good people

Columnist Jose Cebrian believes that to get the most out of marketing technology, you need to hire the right people who can help you use it to its fullest.People-based marketing is grounded in the ability to really know the person to whom you are marketing. It’s not a new concept. From its earliest days with the postal service through its evolution into telemarketing, email, SMS and push, it has evolved. Now, marketers have the ability …

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Marketers must reclaim the word ‘innovation’

“What can brands do to reclaim the term and showcase true innovative ideas and ways of doing business before the word becomes redundant?”Innovation is everywhere. Speak to any brand and they will be looking to innovate, have innovation as part of an overall strategy or be looking at ways to weave innovative thinking into their business. But many companies seem to use the word, and all it implies, without being in the business of true innovation. The …

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Is coding a must-have skill for marketers?

Should marketers add coding to their ever growing skillset or is it better to build “whole-brained” teams that possess complementary skills? Highly creative, commercially savvy and digitally literate – just some of the attributes required of marketers in 2017. And it doesn’t stop there. Over the past few years there have been a growing number of calls for marketers to add ‘competent coder’ to their skill set. But is coding really intrinsic to a marketer’s job, and if …

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Business as usual is holding you back

Are you clinging to outdated marketing approaches and technologies? Columnist Sonjoy Ganguly says it’s time to shake things up and unlock ABM’s potential. “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.” This is the statement I made to my wife while we were dating, when she had concerns about my history of commitment issues. Sounds self-evident, doesn’t it? But, seven years and two kids later, it’s clear that this …

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2017: The year in social marketing so far

From Snap’s IPO to Facebook’s ad breaks to Instagram’s Stories, here are 2017’s biggest stories in social so far. The social marketing landscape shifts so quickly that a half-year review isn’t so much ridiculous as almost requisite, if only to keep track of what has changed already in 2017. When 2016 ended, Snapchat was a social darling, Facebook videos could be watched uninterrupted, and Instagram’s Stories product was smaller than Snapchat’s original. Then 2017 happened. …

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Google’s Smart display campaigns – 7 things to know

Google rolled out Smart display campaigns in April. When it comes to digital marketing, efficiency is the name of the game. You’re busy, and there’s a never-ending task list filled with budgets, creatives and audiences. What if you could automate them in one easy workflow? You can increase your productivity, spend more time on strategy and finally plan that summer getaway to Italy. Two months ago, Google (my employer) launched Smart display campaigns to automate display campaigns …

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5 must-do technical SEO audit items in 2017

In recent months, we’ve seen many important technically focused Google announcements, such as an update on JavaScript crawling support, the migration toward mobile-first indexing, the release and extended support of AMP in search results and the expansion of search results features, from rich snippets to cards to answers.As a result, a number of technical items must be taken into consideration when doing an SEO audit to validate crawlability and indexability, as well as to maximize visibility in …

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Is retargeting dying?

Since third-party cookies are crumbling, it’s time to ask if the days of ads following you everywhere are numbered. Third-party cookies have become the black sheep of digital advertising. Apple’s Safari browser has blocked them. Google’s Chrome — now becoming an arbiter of ad quality — makes it relatively easy to avoid them. And some ad blockers can’t tolerate them. Plus, GDPR will hit them hard next year in Europe and possibly elsewhere (since European Union citizens are everywhere). Third-party cookies are utilized for …

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Facebook and Google dominate smartphones

Facebook has three and Google has six of the top 15 apps, says comScore.Measurement firm comScore released its latest round of online and mobile rankings for the US market. Since comScore began reporting on mobile app penetration roughly three years ago, Facebook has been and continues to be the number one app. Moreover, the entire top 15 has been relatively stable. The chart below reflects the current mobile audience reach of the identified apps. Top Apps April …

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